Knox Wealth Partners’ Advisor Receives Certification Targeted to Help Small Business
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Knox Wealth Partners’ Advisor Receives Certification Targeted to Help Small Business

Knox Wealth Partners’ Advisor Receives Certification Targeted to Help Small Business

February 1, 2017Knoxville, TN Knox Wealth Partners’ Porter Alexander is the only Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) in Knoxville offering him an opportunity to serve small business owners.  Alexander pursued the Exit Planning Institute’s intensive program, held at Chicago’s prestigious Booth School of Business, because of the needs he sees with many of his own clients.

“Closely held businesses are the economic engine of just about every community in America, and without them, our lives would be collectively poorer. It is concerning to look at the average age of business owners and realize that many of them have ten years or less left in their careers,” said Alexander. The Exit Planning Institute trains professionals how to exit their businesses addressing the future viability of those businesses even after their owners’ departure.

Alexander is looking forward to implementing needed infrastructure and processes within his business to guide he and his team in helping small business owners navigate the unchartered waters. He explains, “An entire community will the feel the impact of how well its businesses ‘pass the baton’ to the next generation. The work required to start preparing these enterprises for transfer necessitates a confident business strategy, but it will also require an investment of time, one of the most limited resources within any company.”

Knox Wealth Partners’ Business Owner Advisory Group will spearhead the new efforts with a focus on small to mid-size businesses through their consulting services as well as plans to lead local CEPA events and chapters in the future.



Rooted in over 67 years of combined experience, Knox Wealth Partners is anchored by in-depth knowledge, transparent guidance, and compassionate service to select families and business owners.  With a keen eye on recognizing the unique qualities of each company, Knox Wealth Partners Business Owner Advisory group, helps owners evaluate the tensions of business life. Whether you’re juggling commitments to family, employees or optimizing how your company is used for wealth creation, our experienced advisors work alongside you to assess how these daily tensions at times compete for resources as well as complement one another.  Knox Wealth Partners’ team offers guided  experience, with the pursuit of strengthening and building local businesses in the Knoxville and surrounding areas.  At Knox Wealth Partners, you get more than just recommendations for asset allocation, you get experienced guidance, access to a variety of professionals in fields, analysis of “the big picture”, and creative strategies to help you connect the pieces of your financial landscape.

*Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.