Local Financial Services Firm Goes Nationwide
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Local Financial Services Firm Goes Nationwide

Local Financial Services Firm Goes Nationwide

Knoxville, TN-April 18, 2017-Knoxville Financial Advisory Firm partnership grows and now includes clients in 30 states and the U.K. with over $300 million in advisory and brokerage assets held with LPL.

Knox Wealth Partners, a financial services firm in Knoxville is growing. William Timm and Brian Russell of Knoxville have partnered with William Alexander, Jack Meece, Kristen Tucker, and Charles Farmer.

“We all have the same values and goals, so it was very natural to partner together,” says William Alexander. “In partnering with William and Brian, we are able to better serve our clients across the country and continue to provide the service our clients deserve,” says Kristen Tucker.

Knox Wealth Partners is an independent financial services firm and will continue to stay independent. “Being independent allows us to do exactly what the client needs and we do not have a bank or big broker dealer steering us toward specific investments,” says William Timm.

“Our clients come from all walks of life and are in different stages in life and everyone doesn’t fit in a nice little box, we value our clients and our financial planning is what we believe sets us apart from the competition,” says Charles Farmer.

“We now have clients in over 30 states and in the U.K. We are so appreciative of them and we never take the trust our clients have placed in us for granted.  Our job is personal and we will continue to do what is best for our clients in the future and help them navigate through whatever the future holds,” says Jack Meece.

Knox Wealth Partners is a financial services firm headquartered in Knoxville. With over 90 years of combined experience, our clients receive exemplary guidance and analysis for the long term. We provide fee-based or commission based financial planning.


Knox Wealth Partners

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Email- office@knoxwealthpartners.com

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